TokenPay Stake Mined But Not Generated Explained

By TokenPay Team | December 5, 2019, 6:48 PM

TokenPay Stake Mined But Not Generated Explained

Have you ever received a stake mined but not generated stakes ? Do you want to know about this stake mined but not generated stakes ? Look no further.

In this video we will explain about stake mined but not generated stakes. Crypto holding should never have headaches, and the TokenPay cryptocurrency Wallets offer unprecedented ease of use for our users.

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Hello everyone it’s Ruben here and today I’m going to talk about staking and what it means when you have for example mined but not accepted any other way around so this is something some people have which happens overall occasionally and I just quickly tied it out so for mined could not generate it basically someone beat you to the block someone just got to reward a little bit quicker than you and that’s the reason why it is saying mined but not generated.

Stake Mined But Not Generated Explained

As the other person well he beat you to the block so of course fast internet which is definitely helps but this is just something that happens occasionally shouldn’t happen too much I over all don’t have it happening like a lot I have it happen like once every 40 50 stakes maybe something like that for mined but not excepted usually duplicate proof of stake so what is basically is happens when you stake with the same wallet multiple times so for example if you go copy your wallet.dat file to other computers or wallets and you put those in there and you’re gonna stay so you’re basically staking with your same wallet with the same key with the same private key multiple times from multiple devices so if you have for example 10 wallets open with the same private keys you attempt to generate the same block ten times but only one of those will get accepted and would then get to reward the other ones will all be declined so that’s the other one that can happen

so I just made this video because I want to clarify I see a lot of people having this question and this is pretty much it so I hope this does clarify it for you if you still have certain questions regarding it feel free to leave a comment underneath the YouTube section I always try to engage with every YouTube comment on our channel and answer your questions so I wish you a great day do not forget to Like and subscribe join the TokenPay discord follow the official TokenPay Twitter join us from telegram and join our Facebook community and check out Instagram for memes and gifs have a great day I’m out .

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