TokenPay Interview CEO Derek Capo About Eating Banks NDAs The Journey

By TokenPay Team | June 14, 2018, 4:39 PM

TokenPay Interview CEO Derek Capo About Eating Banks NDAs The Journey

In this video you will see TokenPay CEO Derek Capo is being interviewed by during the Verge meetup in Amsterdam.

I’m here with Derek yeah hey how’s it going guys thanks a lot for having me appreciate it Amsterdam your first your first time the first time yeah it’s been a great experience love it and I can’t wait to come back so you were like well let’s donate Justin 80% and I can travel the world with him no no no that wasn’t really the thought process but it’s been nice you know I’ve been talking and dealing with Justin for a long time and it’s just amazing to see this community you know come together for this amazing event and you know it’s just fantastic are you and Justin live close to each other or not so it’s a few hours away of driving so you know and how far back does the relationship between you go it’s been a little bit more than a year so you know I started talking and looking at the forums Bitcointalk forums you know and you know going back and forth and then eventually what we decided to do kind of a new blockchain and that’s how it kind of all started .

Yeah hey and you’re traveling like the world you you you told you’re a flight plan the last is it I mean you still have time to like develop and to make to do normal business for so compact the beautiful thing is that I’m always online I’m always working so every time I do a schedule I make sure that I have meet times for meetings and times for focus right so believe it or not I’m not on telegram that much and you know I don’t really I try as much as possible to be to participate but I’m actually on skype on my laptop and basically talking to all of my team all on skype and getting done right so you know I have systems and processes in place I have deadlines in place and I’m important thing is to have really intelligent people to start executing some of the stuff that we have the for me going around it’s really to start building relationships because sometimes these relationships take many many months to actually start right you have to meet them in person and understand that you’re real right and then eventually you know .

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo is being interviewed by

We start the dialogue going right and so it’s important to do that if I’m not doing it who else is gonna do that right that’s true and consensus it’s some new relationships start there as well no I never I didn’t go to consent okay you didn’t go there okay I assumed in the each other no I it was more of like I had planned already the trip to Asia and Europe and so I just literally that week that I was there and I just couldn’t really make it but you know sometimes you can always contact people directly especially in the States it’s so much easier right cutting consensus were like 60 70 % US companies or so so that really is in our market right now our market really is Europe and Asia all right well in Amsterdam you’re in the perfect spot for that a lot of NDAs yeah so you know usually the way these relationships work is you have to sign an NDA and you know that that’s how the dialogue starts right yeah but it’s funny yeah I mean people want to know what you signs but telling you just sign the NDA like it’s it’s like marketing 2.0 .Yeah some people think it’s a done deal and it’s really not actually it’s the beginning of the conversation but you know before you sign an NDA it’s because there already is an intention of something happening right so with all of these people that we sign NDA is there really is an intention to do something some of them will be bigger than we expect someone will be smaller than we expect but you know when we go in and we try to make sure that we try to have a good deal for both parties that’s all that really matters .

Right now and then there’s you did you bought a bank or did you like we did we bought Tokenpay Swiss AG but 9.9% of German Bank in Munich with the option to buy the rest so TokenSuisse was also TokenSuisse was another investment that we made we bought 10% of that business with an option to buy up to 30% pending some milestones which people are scared that the banks are taking over but it looks like crypto now slowly is taking over the world that we were so afraid of yeah so what what needs to happen first is a transition period and I try to I should have set it downstairs but I look at this is like at a like Netflix the transition between how Netflix went from DVD and envelope to streaming you know there was a transition period so that’s how they started their business there were one warehouse millions of DVDs and they would mail it an envelope but they had subscribers and then once they had those subscribers and they went streaming they just shifted them to streaming instantly we’re seeing the same thought process with banks let’s start getting them in get a bunch of subscribers we’re going to have traditional services banks gonna have of course along with crypto and eventually it’s just going to start growing and growing . 

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo is being interviewed by

So we can shift to the whole new world that we’re seeing in the next three to five years three to five years well I think the transition right I mean it’s not something that’s gonna happen so fast right I mean it’s not gonna go 99% crypto in three to five years but we feel like this transition will take some time and then eventually you’ll start to see a massive adoption within three to five years I mean it could be two it could be four it could be five you know or seven you know it’s really hard to predict no we’re not gonna like cap you on on that estimation I got a fewer dilemmas there’s a few words and you have to pick one okay crypto men or bankster crypto man proof of work or proof of stake proof of stake pretty obvious yeah privacy or private key privacy roulette or blackjack blackjack because you are mingling with with the gamblers a lot more like you can you can improve your odds if you play it right you can’t play any odds every spin is the same odds with blackjack you can actually improve your odds that’s true we can be good in blackjack should .

I hear some rumors that apart from the gambling business real estate might be on the horizon for TokenPay yeah we’re getting into that through TokenEscrow but there’s definitely other opportunities there it’s just we have to really bake to see exactly what the business model makes sense for us to do that so yeah there’s plans it’s just we got it we got it we’re so much to execute right now tokenX TokenEscrow is the first step if we get that down then we can hit hard on this real estate I have in fact I had a real estate license in Miami since I was 18 years old so I actually know real estate and understand how that works and so to me I actually love we love to get more into that very very much thanks for the for the time and wish you all the best thank you same to you.

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