TokenPay Ecosystem Report – December 2019

By TokenPay Team | December 31, 2019, 3:14 PM

Hello everyone. Welcome to the TokenPay Ecosystem Report for December 2019, the last one to wrap up another year for TokenPay. This will be a shorter one, as the team wraps up the year and starts to focus on spending the holiday season with their loved ones. Before we start preparing for 2020, here is the TokenPay Ecosystem Report for December 2019.

If you missed the last report, you can read it here: TokenPay Ecosystem Report – November 2019.

Gifts for Platinum Members!

It can’t be December without a gift from Santa, right? We know all eFIN users have been good this year, the best actually, which is why we want to reward our most loyal supporters with a free gift.

Starting right now, any eFIN DEX Platinum Member will be able to trade completely free until 2022. Yes, you heard it right, there will be no taxes of any kind for Platinum Members until 2022!

Head on over to the official website and check out our other Platinum Member benefits and sign up today! You’ll keep getting perks for years to come!

Verge Currency (XVG) added to eFIN DEX

Speaking of eFIN, after a very fruitful year, here comes the currency many have waited for, Verge Currency.

Having been partners with TokenPay for quite a while, adding Verge Currency to eFIN DEX required a lot of effort from the team. Luckily, after extensive beta testing, we are finally ready to pass this milestone and finish 2019 with a bang.

With Verge comes not just another asset, but also its whole blockchain. Users who trade and deposit Verge into their eFIN wallets will be able to easily access the Verge blockchain by going into the Transactions tab and clicking on any Verge address to be taken directly to their blockchain explorer.

We hope you enjoy the commodity of having yet another crypto giant at your fingertips, and we look forward to seeing eFIN reach new heights. Happy trading!

Check out the eFIN DEX FAQ

As we wrap up the year, don’t forget to check out the eFIN FAQ. This has been a continuous project that’s all about eFIN DEX and what you can do with it. If you have any questions for you or a friend who wants to try out eFIN, the FAQ is a great resource to answer any question you might have.

Head on over to the eFIN DEX FAQ page and check it out! You can even download it to browse at your leisure.

And that is it for December 2019. In the end, this year has had many things happen for all of us here at TokenPay. We hope to see you all in 2020 with a fresh new look ahead of what’s to come. We wish you all a Happy New Year, and raise a final toast as 2019 closes. Cheers!