TokenPay Ecosystem Report – April 2019

By TokenPay Team | April 30, 2019, 11:53 PM

April has been a busy month for us here at TokenPay:

  1. CryptoBet soft-launched for desktop
  2. The eFIN Mainnet and Wallets are live
  3. The .DOT ecosystem was announced
  4. WEG Bank now offers corporate crypto bank accounts
  5. TokenSuisse now offers a world first single cryptocurrency tracker certificate

Obviously, crypto never sleeps. Neither do we. Successful Desktop Soft-Launch

This month, CryptoBet officially underwent a desktop soft-launch, bringing all the gambling comforts of the Las Vegas Strip right to your own home. CryptoBet offers a complete live casino, extensive live tables, and a full sportsbook. In addition to this, when withdrawing in TPAY, CryptoBet offers a 10–15% premium over CoinMarketCap prices as well as the best referral program in the business. After getting someone to sign up with your custom affiliate link, you will receive 1% of their gross wager volume forever. CryptoBet is now live on mobile as well. Check it out now at

eFIN Mainnet Launch and Partner/Platinum Partnership Sale

In early April, the eFIN platform’s Mainnet went live and subsequent testing began. The launch of the Mainnet also brought the start of eFIN rewards for people staking TPAY. On April 14th, a limited sale for eFIN Partners and Platinum members began. Partner price was initially €0.0015 and Platinum was €0.001, with the sale being 17% of max supply. This limited-time offer ended on April 30th.

EFIN Affiliate Competition

Weekly rewards are being distributed to those who produce the most referrals of the eFIN Dex, with prizes in the millions of eFIN for top referral generators.

eFIN Platinum Partnership Price Raise

The first half of April was the last chance for people to obtain an eFIN Platinum Partnership at the introductory special rate. On April 20th, the price rose €300 to €2,295. The Platinum membership is still a very valuable tool for those who intend to trade and stake on a regular basis, though there are only a finite amount available in 2019.

Merchant Services Update

The TokenPay Merchant Platform is now 95% complete. What merchants will offer is a comprehensive tool for those looking to accept crypto as payment on their online marketplaces. With easy to install plugins for most major shopping carts, a simple dashboard that enables the creation of custom buttons, transaction details, and linked wallets, as well as direct to fiat settlements, this is really something to watch out for.

WEG Bank Corporate Blockchain Bank Accounts

WEG Bank now offers a great service to those in the blockchain industry: corporate bank accounts! Lisk is the first to take advantage of this unique opportunity, making WEG Bank the real crossover point of the traditional financial system and the blockchain industry. With nearly 30% of WEG now owned by cryptocurrency/blockchain products, more features like this are soon to come.

The World’s First Single Cryptocurrency Tracker

In late April, TokenSuisse offered a major compliment to their other world- first Privacy Coin Tracker Certificate. What is also now offered is a single cryptocurrency tracker certificate following the secure TPAY coin. Only through strong financial partnerships like TokenSuisse are incredible investment opportunities like this possible. All relevant information and associated factsheet are available on

Announcement of the .DOT Chain and Monthly Airdrops

The TokenDomains site was announced a while back as a cryptocurrency web domain marketplace but now offers the .DOT coin and associated chain and ecosystem. What .DOT brings to the table is an innovative behavioral mining system, allowing individuals to earn .DOT by acting as ambassadors to the various e-commerce, lead-gen and domain sale properties. We are building a network of super affiliates!

Another way of obtaining .DOT is the regular monthly airdrops on the same schedule that CBET is being distributed. Make sure to keep up to date on all information to take advantage of these great rewards.

TokenPay in the Media

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