TokenPay Double Encryption Guide!

By TokenPay Team | December 8, 2019, 5:31 PM

TokenPay Double Encryption Guide!

Do you know hacker can steal your TokenPay easily if you didn’t encrypted your TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallet? Do you want to enable encryption in your TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallets and add extra layer of security in your wallet.dat file? Look no further.

In this video we will explain about double encryption Crypto holding should never have headaches, and the TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallets offer unprecedented ease of use for our users.

You can download these blockchain wallets by visiting our website, and checking out the Products section. There, you can download wallets for any platform you wish, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or the Paper Wallet.

Keep in mind that with the TokenPay crypto wallets, all of your funds and private signatures are yours, and yours only. We do not store any information about your seed phrases anywhere. This is why we urge everyone to keep them secure, even write your backup phrases on a physical piece of paper and keep it in your physical wallet. That way, you can treat it just like you would treat fiat currency: it’s all yours, in your pocket.

Yo what’s up guys it’s Ruben here and today we’ll show you how to double encrypt your TokenPay wallet.dat file so this is especially for those of you who want to save their wallet.dat file on a cloud storage even with the double encryption I would never recommend to doing this but if you’re doing it better to double encrypt it.

So what you have to do is you have your TokenPay wallet client and you have to go to backup and here you at the option encrypt wallet then you will enter a passphrase you have to repeat it to prove that you know it that you know the passphrase that is correct that they are similar and you have set a best place for your fell but that’s not all because then you only have the passphrase on the wallet.dat file but we can also change the wallet.dat file into a zip file and add weight encrypt it another time so in order to do this what you need is WinRar so I here have the wallet.dat file which as always can be run found by typing run %appdata% then you scroll down to the T of TokenPay so there we go and then you have to wallet.dat file copy it paste it to the background and then we can proceed with the wallet.dat file.

So what are we going to do now is right-click and hit add to archive and directly at you at the first one you will see at right bottom put in passwords sometimes it can also show an options so we’re gonna hit put in passwords put in a password test one two three test one two three can always check the password okay you can name it however you want so let’s say tpay wallet file format it how you want RAR file RAR5 or zip file hit okay and I now have a zip file with a password set on it .

So for some reason I always open it as a picture I don’t know why I probably did a settings once so let some packets let’s set in pack here test one two three and there we go we now have a wallet.dat which is also encrypted this just for safety measures it’s always good to have two hard passwords you know always use uppercase as use letters use pretty much everything that you have use numbers use icons you know like add icons oh all that stuff everything I always would recommend passwords like 10 20 characters at least 10 is the very least .

TokenPay Cryptocurrency Double Encrypted Wallet.dat
TokenPay Cryptocurrency Double Encrypted Wallet.dat

So I hope this guide helped you hopefully it will help you to make a proper and safe backup as always the backup is your own responsibility once you receive a TokenPay which pretty much everyone did now it’s all your responsibility and TokenPay cannot help you recover your TokenPay coins if you do not have access to your recovery phrase or wallet.dat file also an admin would never ask for these things you know we will never ask for your wallet.dat file we would never ask for your recovery phrase or anything that could give us access to your TokenPay so never sent those out to anyone I wish you guys a great day I’m out bye bye .

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