TokenPay Cryptocurrency Paper Vanity Wallet

By TokenPay Team | December 10, 2019, 8:42 PM

TokenPay Cryptocurrency Paper Vanity Wallet

TokenPay Cryptocurrency Paper Vanity Wallet

Have you ever wondered how you can generate your TokenPay Paper Vanity Wallet? Do you have TPAY that you never want to lose, and you’ve recently changed wallets? Look no further.

In this video we will explain about how you can generate your TokenPay Paper Vanity Wallet . Crypto holding should never have headaches, and the TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallets offer unprecedented ease of use for our users.

You can download these blockchain wallets by visiting our website, and checking out the Products section. There, you can download wallets for any platform you wish, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or the Paper Wallet.

Keep in mind that with the TokenPay crypto wallets, all of your funds and private signatures are yours, and yours only. We do not store any information about your seed phrases anywhere. This is why we urge everyone to keep them secure, even write your backup phrases on a physical piece of paper and keep it in your physical wallet. That way, you can treat it just like you would treat fiat currency: it’s all yours, in your pocket.

Hello everyone it’s Ruben here with another video regarding the TokenPay paper wallets,we’re today the vanity wallet . So the vanity wallet is a bit different it is mostly meant for Bitcoin but the idea behind it is that you can generate an address it has one two up to five characters that are predetermined. So basically you can add one to five characters yourself into the key or the address so for example your name or something you can add that into it for example you could get an address out of it that says something like your name .

So let’s say Ruben and then the normal part of the code 0 a 5 7 7 8 you know so like that however making a vanity wallet takes time and also costs some amount of money the more account if you want the more expensive and it’s important that when you use it you provide the right network codes there should be a link to vanity pool website over here so here you can do multiply calculate vanity wallet it’s basically all pretty much self-explanatory copy and paste above into your part public key field vanity pool website.

TokenPay Paper Vanity Wallet Generator
TokenPay Cryptocurrency Paper Vanity Wallet Generator

So you have to navigate to the vanity pool website as well and there you can request a vanity address and that’s how you can make one and later on you can do step 2 to calculate your vanity wallet and you as always can afterwards check it So especially with the vanity wallet I would recommend once you have your address in the private key I would probably for sure test normal deposit address first and double check on the TPAY blockchain explorer as this one can be a bit more tricky especially if you new to the crypto space.

Paper Vanity Wallet Pool Website
Paper Vanity Wallet Pool Website

It’s not a wallet I would really suggest to you to use it as it’s definitely more confusing it’s just basically that you can add some characters yourself but there are people want to use it so it’s always nice to have this option out there as well so that’s the vanity wallet we’ll be covering the split wallet as well very soon checkout it TokenPay paper wallet playlist for all your TokenPay paper wallets have a great day.

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