TokenPay CEO Derek Talking Capo About TOKENSUISSE

By TokenPay Team | June 20, 2018, 9:09 PM

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo Talking About TOKENSUISSE

In this video TokenPay CEO Derek Capo talks about TokenSuisse and explains what TokenSuisse is.

TokenSuisse is not only a prime address for Crypto Asset Investment Solutions, but also takes responsibility in the knowledge building and technology adoption process of the industry and the general public. As such, TokenSuisse provides a number of insights, opinions and news about the blockchain and Crypto Asset market. ​

Another division this is actually an existing division right now the name of this company is called coinlab. But this is a Swiss version of a coinlab. There’s actually an American version, but this is not it is it’s a Swiss entity. That’s basically kind of like an investment bank.. TokenSuisse basically gives us a lot of ability to convert massive amounts of fiats. If there’s a huge multinational corporation that wants to convert 50 million dollars we can do it.

They want to buy 50 million dollars with the crypto,we can do it through them. So we’ve purchased 10% stake with an option to buy up to 30%, depending on specific milestones and deadlines that they have to meet with me milestones deadlines. If not, get out! That’s the way it works, that’s the way it is.

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