TokenPay CEO Derek Capo Talking About eFin

By TokenPay Team | June 28, 2018, 6:06 PM

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo Talking About eFin

In this interview, TokenPay CEO Derek Capo is talking about eFin decentralized exchange. If you enjoy it, remember to check out our cryptocurrency wallets and decentralized exchange over at

And of course we’re gonna start building our own decentralized crypto currency exchange. If you notice right now, most of the hacks that are happening right now are all going through the exchange. Billions of dollars that have been hacked are all through the exchange. Mostly probably 90 something percent.

Why? It’s centralized. That’s like web 2.0. So we believe the decentralization and having make sure that people have their own privacy. Their own crypto coins, their own private addresses in their possession. It is extremely important. Now start to think about it for a second. Now we already have merchant services, now you have an exchange and eventually you’re gonna have the bank. Which basically allows you to transition from the old world to the new world.

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