TokenPay CEO Derek Capo & CMO Steve Stanfield Talking About New TPAY Mobile Wallet

By TokenPay Team | December 10, 2018, 10:14 AM

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo & CMO Steve Stanfield Talking About New TPAY Mobile Wallet

TokenPay CEO Derek Capo & CMO Steve Stanfield Talking About New TPAY Mobile Wallet

In this interview, TokenPay CEO Derek Capo & CMO Steve Stanfield talking about new TPAY mobile wallet. If you enjoy it, remember to check out our cryptocurrency wallets and decentralized exchange over at

So first is the new token pay mobile wallet, this is for Android and iOS. Right now we are putting like the finishing touches on the apps we hope to you know possibly release that later today. Realistically you know, could be tomorrow or Friday. We just got approval actually for our Apple Developer account and that took a lot longer and then we expected it to happen.

Apple still has to approve the actual app itself and as soon as they do then the app will be available in the App Store. The Android wallet like I said we’re putting the final touches on it. That’ll be on the Play Store as soon as we’re done with it. Now the app, the the mobile wallet, it’s a simple token pay only wallet. You know, we’ve designed it to be minimalistic and easy to use. The goal is we want to you know be able to plug multiple modules into it at a future pool. At a future point like, we could include multi currency support wallet for like other coins we’re partnered with and like Bitcoin.

The ultimate goal is to have the token pay wallet be like an all-in-one wallet for you you know all your crypto needs, where you can buy it with your credit card or you can find ATMs to buy or sell. To pay, you can like find and locate merchants in your area that are plugged into our merchants platform. You’ve been like, read reviews from them. You can swap coins with other coins. You won’t have to use multiple wallets for handling multiple coins anymore.

It’s just one wallet integrated with eFin. This is our home solution, we didn’t want to use another open-source. We wanted to build our own from ground up, so that’s what we’ve been doing. We will be releasing that for open source sometime next year so that other coins can integrate with our wallets. You have to truly make this like, I mean just one cryptocurrency mobile wallet for all of your crypto needs. So you want to add anything to that Derek?

TokenPay CMO Steve Stanfield Talking About New TPAY Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet
TokenPay CMO Steve Stanfield Talking About New TPAY Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Yeah I think when people kind of look at what we’ve done or what we’re trying to do, it’s sometimes in business you have several decisions to make. Sometimes it’s fast, quick and dirty or sometimes it’s still a little bit long and higher quality and given obviously our roadmap and what we’ve done. We’ve decided to really take our time and really release things that makes sense for us are higher quality and are increasingly scalable. Some of the problems with some of the solutions and even partnerships or potential partnerships or things that we saw were very short-term minded or definitely not solutions for us.

So the tokenpay wallet is basically our first iteration of that. However right after that, we will be releasing “eFin decentralized trading platform” on December 19th, which is our second largest product that we will ever release. After that in the meantime, we’ll keep on updating the crypto currency mobile wallet and then sometime first quarter or potentially second quarter, we’ll start having a new wallet which we’ll be having a lot of integrations with eFin and stuff like that.

So when you look at a roadmap and I think this is a little bit more of an admission, sometimes it’s hard to really estimate a lot of these things. One of the most important things that any new business has to do is finding the right people and finding the right talent. Given you know, delays that we had and you know we had to refund all the Americans which we did successfully and we also had distribution of Tpay. People still not knowing what it was like to accept Tpay coins.

It’s a very different process from some of the other stuff that definitely delayed a few things. I know we mentioned a few things in our roadmap that were probably a quarter or two away but you know it was better for us to delay stuff and find the right team than to just find some private labels. Something just slap our name on it and say yeah, it’s you know this is good and we’ll build on that. Sometimes it’s not the best.

 TokenPay CEO Derek Capo Talking About New TPAY Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet
TokenPay CEO Derek Capo Talking About New TPAY Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Now in saying all of this, I will say that because we’ve decided to take this road of higher quality we have gotten a lot of interest from a lot of people globally looking at our technology, looking our infrastructure and saying we want this. So it allows us to put us in a position where we can be a private-label provider, where we just kind of slapped their logo on it and run the operations ourselves. We can do a lot of massive joint ventures with them and these are really, you know some small companies, some medium-sized companies that are really looking at us.

So because we’ve made these decisions, because we’ve delayed a bit, because we found people that are doing higher quality work, whether it’s the product design and developers. People recognize that that is the right approach in the real world not the crypto world, that wants an announcement every single day. People are coming to us and really wanting to work with us, which is really amazing. Whenever we do deals like this, now the deals are really about functionality and use case.

One of the deals that we’re working on right now could potentially bring millions of people to be exposed to token pay and all of our technologies and eFin as well. So for us, it is an amazing opportunity and and it’s one of those things where as a business sometimes it sucks to really delay things and the community sometimes don’t understand. But I would rather delay something a quarter or a month or whatever it is because at the end of the day, after that it could reap massive benefits for us. Okay so just want to keep you all in mind with all of that.

I’m the first one to admit if there’s something wrong or if there’s a delay. I’ll say, hey look there’s been some little bit away but it doesn’t mean that we are not doing it, doesn’t mean it’s been canceled it. Just means that we’re working on what makes the most sense and sometimes this is just normal for business, right! I keep on telling people with times that you know, iTunes has updates. No joke, every week! People don’t realize but when you log into your computer, iTunes always ask to download iCloud, download iTunes all the time. People don’t realize that it gets updated literally thirty times a year or 20 times a year and it’s normal! It’s normal in our world and the software world to really do that.

So what I’m what I’m asking for is patience. I’m asking for patience and understanding of what we’re trying to do, because at the end day we’re not building some small scale type solution. We are building a massive ecosystem and doing it in divisions with the right people.We take the right people and the right developers in place to really help us, take us to the next step. When you start to see this entire vision that we have and you start to connect all the dots, you will really grasp what we’re trying to do and its really massive. So just thank you again for those who are having a patience and for those that haven’t that I’m really sorry, but you know just want to really reiterate all of that for you guys.

Okay, so I mean regards to the app I have it here already! I have it in test phase, we still have a few more things to do. Actually kind of want to show off a little bit about it. It’s right here. Here’s an example, there’s a few things right here, transactions. There’s still a few things that we need to change. They’re being changed right now but we’ve already uploaded the app into the Android store and it’s just once we fix these things, we will release it immediately again. it’s a very simple app but it’s something that we’re really proud of because it’s just the starting point for us. I know it’s a long lots, at least a liquid I guess to the other flight but just want to let you guys all know that we are really doing a lot of stuff.

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