TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallet Backup Guide (Windows and Mac)

By TokenPay Team | December 3, 2019, 12:41 PM

TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallet Backup Guide (Windows and Mac)

TokenPay Cryptocurrency Wallet Backup Guide (Windows and Mac)

Have you ever wondered how you can backup your funds in the TokenPay Desktop Wallet? Do you have TPAY that you never want to lose? Look no further.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to backup your funds securely and with ease. Crypto holding should never have headaches, and the TokenPay Wallets offer unprecedented ease of use for our users.

You can download these wallets by visiting our website, and checking out the Products section. There, you can download wallets for any platform you wish, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or the Paper Wallet.

Keep in mind that with the TokenPay wallets, all of your funds and private signatures are yours, and yours only. We do not store any information about your seed phrases anywhere. This is why we urge everyone to keep them secure, even write your backup phrases on a physical piece of paper and keep it in your physical wallet. That way, you can treat it just like you would treat fiat currency: it’s all yours, in your pocket.

Hello everyone, it’s Ruben here and today I will show you how to make a proper backup of your TokenPay wallet.

So the reason I’m doing a separate video on this is because I still see a lot of people who didn’t make a backup and unfortunately also some people already lost their TokenPay even though we warned them to always make a backup.

So there are two ways to make a backup. You can do the recovery phrase and you can do the wallet.dat file. So we’re gonna start with the recovery phrase.

In order to get the recovery phrase you will have to navigate to wallet management and hit ‘add new wallet’ give your wallet a name–‘wallet’ and give it a password. Make sure you write the password down or do a password that you will absolutely not forget because the password is important.

As well, add an optional password to secure the recovery phrase-so I added the password.

Just keep the standards, pick your language-if it’s any of these. I’ll just go in English and then you get a recovery phrase. I’m just gonna copy paste it but you should write this down very carefully on a piece of paper. This is like the cold storage recovery phrase, so write it down on a piece of paper. Never ever save it in like a Google Drive or something because it’s just not safe to keep it on the internet. So write it down, hit next step, fill in your phrase (so do not do what I now do with copy paste, you would just have to write it down and then you have to type it in just so you make sure it’s right). Oh, it’s done.

Okay that’s why. So let’s go-you can now use your account to send and receive funds. Remember to keep your wallet recovery phrase and password set safe in case you ever need to recover your wallet.

So if we now go to overview. I mean Wallet Receive, wallet view default, whenever you use this wallet, let’s say my PC now dies, I can use the recovery phrase and the password and I will get this wallet address back and I will have access to it again.

If you want to know how to import a wallet with the recovery Phrase, we also made a few videos about it which I will link at the end of this video.

So there’s another way to make a backup and that’s with the wallet.dat file which you can place on something like a USB stick. So in order to access it, you will have to type RUN-this is for USA and English computers. If you have those languages set, if not type ‘run’ in your native language-so we’re gonna do run, type %AppData% hit Okay – navigate to the T from TokenPay. Here we go and here you see the wallet.dat file. You just have to right click it copy and then I would recommend to copy paste it to an USB file. So if you copy this on the USB you will have your wallet.dat on an USB as well and then you have two backups. As always, keep at least one backup outside of your house. You know I’m a real doomsday scenario thinker.

Whatever, let’s say your house burns down or something like that there is no use if you have all your backups at one place, I mean there are so many things that could perhaps go wrong you know, so if you keep one outside of your house you will have always a guarantee that you have another backup somewhere safe. So save it on a USB. I myself using an USB with a password on the USB itself as well, it was like twenty dollars, like sixteen euros so not a lot of money.

If you have a decent amount of TokenPay it’s definitely worth it to keep them safe. If you want to do these steps on a Mac it’s also possible. I got it here opening a Finder window and ensure TokenPay is closed pressing command + Shift + G in the ‘go to’ window that appears type: library/application/support/TokenPay

These are the same files contained in the Windows application folder.

Back up the wallet.dat file and delete all of the files in the folder -this is if you want to do the wallet.dat sync fix by the way.

If you just want to make a backup you just have to copy it and you can skip this part. So hope you guys enjoy this video, hope this will help you out. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask underneath in the comments. Have a great day, I’m out, bye.

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