TokenPay Ecosystem Report – August 2019

By TokenPay Team | August 30, 2019, 3:30 PM

Hello everyone.

As we continue to push updates to all of our products, while simultaneously working on new ones, we’re excited to share with you what has happened in the TokenPay community during the month of August 2019.

eFIN Easy Trade is Live!

Easy Trade is now live in eFIN. Never before has crypto exchanging been so easy. Simply open eFIN and go to the new shiny Easy Trade tab. and

The websites for eFIN and Blast have been moved to and respectively, since our previous .CX domains have consistently caused issues for new and existing users.
Since the move, we have seen steady traffic of users, all the while no problems have been reported.

eFIN, TPAY and CBET Blockchain Update

We have also made an update on our existing blockchains for EFIN, CBET and TPAY. You can find them at the following links:
The eFIN blockchain explorer:
The CBET blockchain explorer:
The TPAY blockchain explorer:

New ERC-20 Trading Pairs on eFIN DEX

We are proud to announce that on the 5th of August the following TPAY Trading Pairs have become available for trading in eFIN: OMG/TPAY, TUSD/TPAY, ZRX/TPAY, REP/TPAY, MKR/TPAY, BAT/TPAY, PAY/TPAY, DAI/TPAY, CRO/TPAY, NEXO/TPAY, ENJ/TPAY, MANA/TPAY, CRPT/TPAY, QASH/TPAY, MCO/TPAY, NPXS/TPAY, HOT/TPAY, DENT/TPAY, LEO/TPAY, USDC/TPAY, WTC/TPAY, PAX/TPAY, HT/TPAY.

eFIN Has Come to Linux

Do you have Linux at home and have wanted to use eFIN DEX? Well, now you can! For instructions on how to do so, please visit

TPAY is Now on’s Easy Withdraw List

TPAY has been added to ‘s fast withdrawal service. Great service if you need to access your funds in a snap! Head on over to and check it out.

WEB Bank is Granted Crypto Trading and Holding License in Estonia

Our partners at WEG Bank have obtained a cryptocurrency trading and custody license in Estonia on August 25, 2019.

In their words: “We announce that as of today we have secured full access to a crypto trading and custody license in Estonia and are equally applying for a securities trading and custody license in Germany.”

Congratulations to WEG Bank AG for their continued hard work!