TokenPay Roadmap

Our vision is to encourage the global adoption of our blockchain. Keep reading to see how we are making that happen

Nov 2017
TPAY Blockchain
Birth of the TokenPay Blockchain
Mar 2018
Verge Crowdfund Participation

Participation in the Verge crowdfunding campaign

May 2018
WEG Bank Acquisition

9.9% acquisition of WEG Bank AG in Germany

Jul 2018
Litecoin Partnership

TtokenPay and Litecoin Foundation partnership

Sep 2018
Blocksize Acquisition

50% acquisition of Blocksize

Dec 2018
Mobile Wallet

The TokenPay Mobile Wallet releases on Android and iOS

Feb 2019

Domain marketplace released

Mar 2019
eFIN and BlastNetwork

Initial release of the eFIN and BlastNetwork websites

Apr 2019
eFIN Trading

eFIN Trading Beta launch

Jun 2019
BlastNetwork Affiliate Program

Official release of the BlastNetwork affiliate program

Aug 2019
eFIN Easy Trade

eFIN Easy Trade is live

Sep 2019
TokenPay Merchant Services

The TokenPay Merchant Services platform is live

Oct 2019 Redesign

The official TokenPay website gets a redesign

Oct 2019
Buy Crypto in eFIN DEX

The ability to purchase crypto with your credit card in eFIN DEX

Dec 2019
New TokenPay Blockchain

The new and shiny TokenPay Blockchain gets a redesign from the ground up

Q1 2020
User-Created Apps in eFIN DEX

Users will be able to host their apps on eFIN DEX

Q2 2020
TokenPay Pro Wallet

The new and improved TokenPay Mobile Wallet, incorporating everything TokenPay has to offer

Q2 2020
BlueDiamond Credit Card Issuance

Partnership with BlueDiamond for credit and debit card issuance