TokenPay Roadmap

Our vision is to encourage the global adoption of our blockchain.
Keep reading to see how we are making that happen.

  • 2015
    • Beta version of platform launched Fall 2015

  • 2016
    • Partnership with USTOCKTRADE and London Stock Exchange’s Tony Weersinghe

    • Feature presentation at MIT Fintech Conference

    • Owing to overwhelming user demand for blockchain assets, founders shifted focus to cryptocurrency technology

    • Established corporate headquarters in the privacy-focused jurisdiction of the British Virgin Island

  • 2017
    Q1 & Q2
    • Onboard world-class dev team to build a more secure and untraceable version of Bitcoin

    • Proprietary Tor network coin technology integration

    • Created Stealth Address and Encrypted Messaging system

    • Launched Multi-Signature Transaction Engine

    • Released Linux, Windows, macOS and Paper Wallets

  • Q3 & Q4
    • Released the TokenPay Whitepaper

    • Competion of Coin Sale

  • 2018
    Q1 & Q2
    • TPAY utility coin integration into platform

    • Completed due diligence of Bank Integration

    • TokenPay Swiss AG acquired 9.9% of WEG Bank with option to acquire up to 80%

    • TokenPay Swiss AG acquired 10% of TokenSuisse with option to acquire more.

    • Signed NDA’s with large companies to work on integrating TokenPay.

  • Q3 & Q4
    • TPAY Apple iOS and Android Mobile Wallet

    • MoonDick – merchandise platform. Buy TokenPay and other crypto gear.

  • 2019
    • TokenPay Merchant Services platform

    • CryptoBet – Gambling Website


    • eFin Decentralized Platform for Desktop

  • Q2
    • eFin Decentralized Platform for Mobile

  • Q3
    • Update TokenPay Blockchain with recent code base

    • Upgrade TokenPay blockchain with RSK smart contracts

    • Upgrade TokenPay blockchain with Lightning network

    • TokenPay Multi-currency wallet with cross-wallet functionalities.

  • Q3-Q4
    • TokenPay BlueDiamond and other private label debit card ships to account holders

    • WEG bank tech and platform upgrade

  • 2019-2020
    • TokenPay Escrow services

    • – Job board. Get paid in TokenPay, etc. for work.

    • Partner with ATM network or build ATM network in European Union.

Strategic Partners