TokenPay Core Team

Our team is forging a new path; we’re on a mission to connect the world through digital currency.

We’re Redefining the Future Through Passion and Cultural Diversity

Our team of dedicated & passionate individuals takes pride in
working together towards a common vision that will define the future of TokenPay.

While we strive to bring Innovation that will benefit our users (both present and future), one of the fundamental values that drives us is to remember to be humble and stay cognizant of the fact that our roots, family and life experiences shape who we are today.

Be humble & brave!

Meet Our Team

We’re a team of dreamers, believers and innovators with a passion for delivering safe, secure, & reliable technological advancement to the blockchain space.

Derek Capo

Chief Executive Officer

Theodor Serbana

Blockchain Developer

Marian Danscoi

Back-End Developer

Senen Garcia

General Counsel

Ark Emon

Project Support

Hizikya Christian

Project Support


Project Support

Meet Our Advisors

Our advisors are seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to our team

Charlie Lee

Creator of Litecoin

Matthias von Hauff

CEO of Ten31 Bank


Founder of Verge

Elizabeth Vrettos

Audit Advisor

Subir Lohani

APAC Commerce Advisor

Carlos Araya

Legal Advisor