eFIN Decentralized Exchange

Your Keys, Your Coins.

True decentralized trading platforms are notoriously slow, because transactions are done peer-to-peer, entirely on-chain. The EFIN coin was developed as a bridge coin, to enable secure instant trading without using centralized 3rd parties.

It achieves this with Native SegWit and Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin, TokenPay, Litecoin and other Infinitesimal- and Lighting Network-compatible chains.

Start trading using the dozens of trading pairs today by simply downloading eFIN DEX.

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Secure Crypto Wallets

eFIN also acts as a secure wallet where your coins and keys are stored locally. You can easily deposit and withdraw TPAY, EFIN, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and over 20 more currencies.
Download eFIN DEX today to start!

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