EFIN Non-Custodial Exchange Tutorial – Easy Trade

By TokenPay Team | December 7, 2019, 10:10 AM

EFIN Non-Custodial Exchange Tutorial – Easy Trade

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to perform easy trade on eFin dex. eFin is the non-custodial crypto exchange powered by TokenPay. You can download eFin cryptocurrency wallet from eFin website to store your crypto currencies securely and can also use it as a decentralized crypto exchange to trade your crypto coins. 

Keep in mind that with the TokenPay wallets, all of your funds and private signatures are yours, and yours only. We do not store any information about your seed phrases anywhere. This is why we urge everyone to keep them secure, even write your backup phrases on a physical piece of paper and keep it in your physical wallet. That way, you can treat it just like you would treat fiat currency: it’s all yours, in your pocket.

Hello everyone welcome back to eFin. Today I’m gonna show you how to use easy trade exactly as it sounds this is the easiest way you can trade on eFin. You don’t even have to go to the trade tab but you will have to login using your blasts network account if this is your first visit on this tab. 

Now, what does easy trade do? You select right here the base pair which at the moment is only Bitcoin and Tpay. this will change over time and input how much of it you want to exchange. Let’s say I want to exchange 100 Tpay for Litecoin, the receive field will automatically be converted to the value specified by the rate. What is the rate at the moment, you can see one Litecoin is 189 Tpay this is determined by the lowest-priced order and order book as you can see 189. Now, if I click easy trade I will exchange 100 Tpay for 0.5 Litecoin. What does that mean? eFin will look in this order and see how much of it I can take.

I’m gonna take a hundred Tpay out of it which means the order will be transformed into what’s called a partial order which will remain with 89 Tpay the price is already above the minimum amount which is 15 dollars so the order would be remade automatically in the order book. Let’s see how that looks like. So, I’m exchanging 100 Tpay four 0.5 Litecoin. I click easy trade and after it’s done processing you will see it right here and it says processing and the percentage respectively.

Now, if I go back to the trade tab I can see that this order has been transformed into a partial order with only 88.99 Tpay still available. Now if I do this again, let’s say I take 80 Tpay out of that which would mean 0.4 Litecoin. If I trade it again it would mean that this order would have only eight Tpay left. Unfortunately this is below the minimum amount, which means the order will disappear from the order book. You can see it again right here at the top and it started processing now, if I go back here you see the order has disappeared the funds have already been returned to the person who’s made the order but the 8 Tpay remaining again weren’t enough to make a new partial order.

Now I can do this as many times as I want as long as there is an order available. For example, if I want to exchange 190 Tpay it would mean exactly one Litecoin received which is this order right here and if I take it, it says there are no available orders because the price was exactly your there respectively which meant the program wasn’t able to make a new partial order. My order is already processing and it has disappeared from the order book and that’s easy trade. Thanks for watching. 

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