eFIN Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

By TokenPay Team | January 21, 2019, 5:40 PM

eFIN Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

eFIN is a secure tor Network driven anonymous and unhackable decentralized trading platform where users always maintain sole custody of their respective crypto assets. The platform is fully integrated with the eFin blockchain coin that employs a proprietary second layer protocol called infinitesimal to deliver lightning-fast transactions at near zero fees. Plagued by hacks and theft, so into the dangerous combination of inexperienced incompetence and absence of regulation the unlicensed centralized exchange cartel has completely failed in its primary job of protecting user assets

This is left users with little to no recourse when hacks have occurred and assets have been lost. Because the exchanges hold the private keys, they are entirely in control of all user assets. Shockingly even when functioning perfectly users are still effectively held hostage as different levels of permission is normally required to transfer coins out of the centralized exchange. This is a very dire situation for ordinary people who simply want to trade in digital assets. However there is a solution. eFIN is a completely different beast and operates entirely differently than centralized exchanges. It is a crypto assets trading platform where there is no need to apply to withdraw coins because custody is decentralized and user control. 

What this means is that users are able to securely store coins in actual native wallets and hold their own private keys. There is ZERO possibility of theft by an unscrupulous exchange owner or hacker. Privacy is a right,not a privilege. So platform registration and trading can be done completely anonymously using the integrated Tor network encryption. The eFin coin is built on its own blockchain developed by blocksize. This rapidly growing blockchain company is a token pay subsidiary based in Hong Kong. 

The eFIN coin codebase incorporates the very latest security privacy and speed mechanization available, such as ring confidential transactions and the infinitesimal protocol. This protocol also developed by blocksize, leverages a network of off chain bi-directional payment channels to eliminate expensive mining fees and lengthy confirmation times. It combines RSK smart contracts running on a side chain to bring complete smart contracts to proof of stake Bitcoin based block chains. To learn more about this new and innovative blockchain protocol, visit and download the whitepapers.

Up until now, the critical problem with existing decentralized trading platforms is the low volume and liquidity. The centralized exchanges have been attractive to users because of Wall Street styles seamless trading, but crypto assets and not like traditional investment products, like securities and bonds. Securities are hacker-proof by virtue of being held on a stock ledger. Trading and securities is not irreversible but transactions on the blockchain most certainly are. 

This represents a core fundamental difference that has been overlooked by users. Copying the functionality of historic stock trading platforms is not logical, this must change now. So how does a non-custodial decentralized trading platform achieve the volume necessary to compete in a meaningful way with the centralized exchanges? In order to promote trading volume, eFin users have been incentivized to provide liquidity. 

Unlike the centralized exchanges that use trading BOTS to boost volume, eFIN has a viable and sustainable method to generate trading volume. eFIN coins are obtained through a unique distribution algorithm that rewards trading and staking on a continual basis. This is explained in detail in the eFIN white paper which can be downloaded at Not your keys, not your coins! Just say no to the centralized exchange cartel and take back control of your crypto assets by using eFIN.

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