Derek Capo on TokenPay, Partnering with the Litecoin Foundation and Spearheading Crypto Adoption

By TokenPay Team | March 29, 2019, 2:07 PM

Derek Capo is CEO of TokenPay, the company behind the TPAY blockchain. Capo and TokenPay have been gaining significant attention due to their partnership with the Litecoin Foundation.

They notably transferred a stake that they bought in WEG Bank AG to the Foundation in exchange for technical and strategic assistance. Given the Foundation’s recent exciting announcements on improving the privacy and fungibility of Litecoin, Capo hopes that TokenPay can learn from these moves.

Derek Capo kindly sat down with us to answer our questions ranging from the vision of TPAY, the relationship with the Foundation, TokenPay’s plans for boosting crypto adoption and the promising developments in regards to their eFin decentralized exchange.

Aside from integration with the Lightning Network, what other technical and development areas do you hope the Litecoin Foundation can help TokenPay with?

Our relationships with both the Litecoin Foundation and Charlie Lee has already proven invaluable to us. For one, it provides a lot of credibilities and shows that we’re dedicated and committed to following through and realizing our primary goal, which is to increase everyday mainstream adoption of crypto.

The Litecoin Foundation is a marketing and technical partner that assists TokenPay. For example, the foundation provides direct insights regarding technical difficulties that we can avoid in our development, to trying out new technologies, sharing knowledge and facilitating direct contact with developers.

We are currently collaborating on and discussing confidential transactions, fungible coins and exchanging information regarding our future blockchain upgrades.

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