TokenPay Reports

We believe in transparency. Stay updated with our monthly ecosystem reports where we detail everything we’ve been working on.

2 months Ago
TokenPay Ecosystem Report – September 2019

Hello, fellow TPAY enthusiasts. In our efforts to reach new heights in the crypto medium, we are pleased to share with you a recap of what’s been cooking during September 2019. TokenPay Merchant Launches TokenPay Merchant Services Has Launched in […]

3 months Ago
TokenPay Ecosystem Report – August 2019

Hello everyone. As we continue to push updates to all of our products, while simultaneously working on new ones, we’re excited to share with you what has happened in the TokenPay community during the month of August 2019. eFIN Easy […]

4 months Ago
TokenPay Ecosystem Report – July 2019

The first CryptoBet revenue distribution to CBET holders is coming soon! There are still many of you that haven’t yet linked your CryptoBet account with your Blast account. If you don’t do this, you will not get your revenue distribution. Follow […]

5 months Ago
TokenPay Ecosystem Report – June 2019

eFIN DEX — Trading Module Launch: it has been delivered and will be improved during June to make sure all major UI functionality is stable. Work will continue in July for secondary priorities and new trading pairs will be rolled […]

6 months Ago
TokenPay Ecosystem Report – May 2019

Both eFIN DEX trading and CBET mining will launch on June 3. This was done to facilitate the migration of the eFIN Dashboard to Blast. eFIN Partners are being upgraded to Blast Partners and will benefit from all projects launched […]

8 months Ago
Derek Capo on TokenPay, Partnering with the Litecoin Foundation and Spearheading Crypto Adoption

Derek Capo is CEO of TokenPay, the company behind the TPAY blockchain. Capo and TokenPay have been gaining significant attention due to their partnership with the Litecoin Foundation. They notably transferred a stake that they bought in WEG Bank AG to the Foundation […]

8 months Ago
Lisk Partners With WEG Bank, TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation

During a livestream video, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, and Derek Capo, CEO at TokenPay, talked about the progress they have made since announcing their strategic partnership in July and mentioned that WEG Bank is now working with Lisk team. Derek Capo stated: “So I think […]