What is TokenPay

We are an open-sourced, decentralized, and self-verifying payment platform project with a passionate community following.

As blockchain pioneers, we are constantly innovating

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the biggest innovations since the internet itself, but we still have a long way to go before we see mass-market adoption. They can solve many problems, but for the most part, we still can’t buy our groceries or pay our house and car payments with crypto.

Our mission is to change that. Our long-term goal - that we are rushing to make reality - is for users and merchants to be able to transact in cyrpto and receive fiat settlement, directly to their bank accounst.

Who We Are

We are innovators. We are a passionate company consisting of ~40 dedicated team members who are committed to changing the crypto space. Too many crypto projects are smoke and mirrors with ICOs that never get off the ground; some of them having raised hundreds of
millions of dollars and, even after a year, have little to show for it.

Our global team works around the clock, 24/7, to ensure that we meet
(and even beat! the deadlines that we set in our whitepapers. You can
follow our roadmap to see what we’ve accomplished so far since our
token sale, and what still lies ahead. We will not rest until we have
accomplished every single goal that we have set.

Above all, we want to see global mass-market adoption of crypto. We are doing our part to make that happen, by offering a true integration with the traditional banking system, and forming strategic alliances with other dedicated crypto projects.

Our close relationship with TokenPay Swiss AG has allowed us as a technology company to be able to offer our blockchain fintech platform solutions to customers in the upper echelon of financial services, such as WEG Bank AG in Germany and financial advisory firm TokenSuisse AG based in Switzerland.