About TokenPay

We are an open-sourced, decentralized, and self-verifying payment platform
project with a passionate community following.

About Tokenpay

As blockchain pioneers, we are constantly innovating the crypto space, and we're just getting started.

TokenPay was created with the fundamental desire to bridge modern-day financial institutions
with the benefits of the blockchain space.

Who we are

We are innovators. We are a passionate company consisting of ~40 dedicated team members who are committed to changing the crypto space. Too many crypto projects are smoke and mirrors with ICOs that never get off the ground; some of them having raised hundreds of millions of dollars and, even after a year, have little to show for it.

Our global team works around the clock, 24/7, to ensure that we meet (and even beat!) the deadlines that we set in our whitepapers. You can follow our roadmap to see what we've accomplished so far since our token sale, and what still lies ahead. We will not rest until we have accomplished every single goal that we have set.

Above all, we want to see global mass-market adoption of crypto. We are doing our part to make that happen, by offering a true integration with the traditional banking system, and forming strategic alliances with other dedicated crypto projects. Our close relationship with TokenPay Swiss AG has allowed us as a technology company to be able to offer our blockchain fintech platform solutions to customers in the upper echelon of financial services, such as WEG Bank AG in Germany and financial advisory firm TokenSuisse AG based in Switzerland.

Our mission

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the biggest innovations since the internet itself, but we still have a long way to go before we see mass-market adoption. They can solve many problems, but for the most part, we still can't buy our groceries or pay our house and car payments with crypto.

Our mission is to change that. Our long-term goal - that we are rushing to make reality - is for users and merchants to be able to transact in crypto and receive fiat settlement, directly to their bank accounts.

With our blockchain technology platform, you can quickly and securely send and receive crypto payments in TPAY around the world in a matter of seconds. We offer simple and easy to use integrations for merchant platforms, tailored banking services, and much more.

Our hope is that we can soon offer consumers access to the Blue Diamond international debit card, where purchases can be made anywhere that credit and debit cards are accepted, and even withdraw cash using a global ATM network partner. These cards will likely be issued through our relationship with TokenPay Swiss AG, which is the financial holding company that is partnered with Germany's WEG Bank AG.

TPAY is available on the following crypto asset exchange platforms:

  • Cryptopia


  • Qryptos


  • TopBtc


  • Sistemkoin


  • Coin 2001


  • Chainex


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Banking services

Through our innovative fintech and banking platform, businesses will have the ability to convert cryptocurrency to fiat in real-time

Through the partnership between TokenPay Swiss AG, TokenSuisse AG and Germany-based WEG Bank AG, TokenPay customers will have access to same financial ecosystem products available in the traditional banking world, such as crypto-to-fiat settlement, debit cards, and international wire transfers.

Why did TokenPay Swiss AG partner with WEG Bank AG?

Initially, we had plans to acquire a bank in Vanuatu. However, our financial partner TokenPay Swiss AG was approached by German-based WEG Bank, because they were interested in offering FinTech solutions. That is what we specialize in at TokenPay. Germany is the gold standard in EU banking and financial services, so we immediately pivoted and secured an interest in acquiring an equity stake. Currently, TokenPay Swiss AG owns 9.9% of WEG Bank, and the Litecoin Foundation owns another 9.9%. Collaborating with this bank will allow TokenPay Swiss AG to position itself as the crypto-market leader in merchant settlement services, in particular for those merchants that are not satisfied with traditional high processing fees and stringent compliance issues. Merchants can accept cryptocurrencies as payment, and through integrations with both WEG Bank and TokenSuisse, receive fiat settlements directly to their bank account. With TokenPay, we can tailor a FinTech experience specific to your needs, while simultaneously maintaining AML, KYC, and German banking discretion laws. Consumers will be able to utilize this banking service with confidence, knowing that your personal identification information will remain secured and out of the hands of 3rd party companies.

Blue Diamond Debit & Credit Card Services Planned for 2019

Blue Diamond debit cards are part of the international banking services that we intend to provide in the future through a partnership with WEG Bank AG. Pre-paid credit cards are a near term solution as well that we are currently structuring and hope to roll out in Q4 of 2018. The idea is that these cards will seamlessly integrate with your digital currency wallet of choice, enabling you to easily load your currency of choice to your debit card. You will then be able to use or spend your currency at any physical or virtual point of sale terminal and will have unfettered access to fiat at thousands of ATMs worldwide, enabling seamless fiat withdrawals. Payment processing on the backend will be conducted through a closed-end real-time private exchange, owned exclusively by a licensed and regulated TokenPay entity. The use of a private exchange will eliminate the need for third-party trust, further protecting you from misuse of your personal information.

Payment Processing Services for Online Businesses

Our planned merchant service platform will enable businesses around the world to effortlessly integrate cryptocurrency payment capabilities into their e-commerce platform of choice, by providing easy-to-use APIs and chart plugins tailored for every major existing shopping cart plugin available today. Businesses will have the flexibility to convert cryptocurrency to fiat. Still under development but planned for launch this quarter, our Multisignature Transaction Engine payment processing platform will provide business-friendly low transaction fees (0.25% per transaction or 0.00% with TPAY) to ensure you are getting the highest possible return on your products and services. As an added benefit, our platform will provide industry-leading ECC encryption while protecting your assets from malicious attacks.

Our ecosystem

We need true usage cases if we want to see widespread mass adoption of crypto.

Every individual element of the TokenPay project coalesces to form an integrated ecosystem that relies on the sum of its parts to be successful.

  • Growing at a 40% year-on-year growth pace, global eSports market revenue is projected to reach $1.65 billion by 2020. We are building a truly community-driven eSports crypto platform where users can bet on the outcomes of professional events, and receive payouts instantly following the completion of an event, all driven by smart contracts.

  • TokenGaming is a full-service B2B backend gaming provider, specializing in crypto. We offer a customized platform for sports, casino, esports, bingo, poker, and live betting. we can develop customized platforms adaptable to your needs, with turnkey products and White Label solutions which are 100% adaptable each one of our clients.

  • During some of our own acquisitions, we saw the glaring need for a 3rd party escrow service that transacts in crypto, while providing a safety net from the volatility that cryptos are infamous for. We couldn’t find a service that suited our needs, so we started TokenEscrow.

  • Bitcoin’s greatest flaw is that it isn’t scalable and has incredibly slow transaction confirmations. Infinitesimal is a scalable 2nd layer protocol that will solve this problem by enabling lightning-fast transactions at near-zero fees. This protocol is what will make the EFIN coin and eFin trading platform incredibly fast.

  • TokenSuisse is a Swiss-regulated digital asset management and advisory firm. It provides crypto-to-fiat conversions, crypto escrow services, and insured crypto financial products held in cold storage. This strategic partnership drives the merchant settlement and escrow services for both TokenPay and TokenEscrow.

  • eFin is a truly decentralized trading platform built with your privacy in mind, while focusing on speed, scalability and low fees. It is powered by the EFIN coin, which features our proprietary 2nd layer Infinitesimal protocol. The EFIN coin will only be released to TPAY, LTC and XVG holders in a rewards distribution program.

  • Located in Germany, our acquisition of WEG Bank will eventually allow us to offer branded debit cards, as well as provide merchant fiat settlement. True crypto adoption can only happen when we successfully integrate the old-world banking system with the new digital crypto world.


Strategic Partners